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When you invest in the Family Policy Council of West Virginia you ignite a catalyst for change in today’s culture. With today’s freedoms in jeopardy the stand for life, marriage, and religious freedom in our state has never before been more urgent and vital.
The Family Policy Council of West Virginia continues to be your voice in the legislature, in the media, and in the political arena of West Virginia. We have a record of success for getting results on behalf of West Virginia families by advocating for policies that embrace the sanctity of human life, enrich marriage, and safeguard religious freedom.

Two Great Ways You Can Advance, Defend, and Equip West Virginia's Families:

1. Make a One-Time Investment or Become a Family Advcoate

Making a one-time gift will help support the Family Policy Council of West Virginia and our ongoing initiatives on behalf of life, marriage, and religious freedom.  When you become a Family Advocate, your monthly invesments:

To make a one-time gift or to become a monthly Family Advocate, click here.

2. Join our President's Advisory Council

Our President's Advisory Council has been established to give our most committed ministry partners a voice in the decision and implementation of our key programs and initiatives.  Membership is reserved for those committed ministry partners who make a one-time investment of $1,000 or more and want an insider's perspective on our efforts to advance, defend, and equip West Virginia's families.

To learn more about and join the President's Advisory Council, click here.


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